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We specialize in the development and proper implementation of welding and heat treating procedures for creep strength enhanced ferritic steels (CSEF) to ensure that the high temperature properties are not compromised during processing and fabrication.  This includes the development of material procurement specifications to ensure that as-received material meets industry standards  as well as best practices and fabrication standards and specifications to insure proper handling during the fabrication process.  In addition, we can provide direct oversight of mills, fabricator shops and construction sites to verify compliance with all critical processing requirements.   A part of our service that has proven particularly valuable to operators is the proper application of stellite hardfacing to CSEF material to prevent the delamination or disbonding of the hardfacing.

We  also plan and execute inspection and condition assessment programs  for critical boiler pressure parts and high energy piping (HEP).  This includes advanced NDE, field hardness testing and in-situ metallurgical replication.  Included in this service is failure analysis and metallurgical laboratory analysis of failed components

Wasatch Welding Engineering Services also provides expert witness support in welding and other materials-related processes including hot work fire safety.





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