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Kim Bezzant is the Principal and founder of Wasatch Welding Engineering Services, LLC.  He has extensive experience in welding fabrication and the weld repair of critical power plant components including high-energy piping, boiler and pressure vessels.  Having spent a number of years as a member of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers he has practical hands-on experience as an ASME Section IX certified welder and has qualified with the SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW and GTAW (manual and machine) welding processes. 

 Mr. Bezzant has extensive experience in NDE and has been an AWS Certified Welding Inspector, a Level III Welding Inspector, a Level II MT and PT inspector, and has held ASNT Level II VT certifications for both direct and remote methods.  He has extensive experience managing boiler and HEP assessment projects where advanced NDE methods such as linear phase array (LPA) ultrasonic testing is used.  He also can provide in-situ replication and field hardness testing services as needed.

Mr. Bezzant has had a number of engineering and management positions at Chicago Bridge & Iron, Xcel Energy, the Nuclear Management Company, Structural Integrity Associates, and Applus RTD.

Prior to founding WWES, he was a senior Principal Engineer at Applus RTD assisting clients with boiler and HEP assessments, welded repairs to critical components, new component fabrication and the fabrication and repair of creep strength enhance ferritic steel (CSEF) components including the in-situ replacement of Stellite hardfacing on CSEF valves.

Mr. Bezzant has been involved in the fabrication and repair of nuclear reactors and components, fossil-fired boiler and piping components and gas-fired combined cycle power plants. He has extensive experience in pressure part assessment, and metallurgical failure analysis.  He has assisted clients with the development and qualification of welding processes and procedures for various materials and welding processes.

Kim Bezzant
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